Monday, October 29, 2012

The Hobbit Read-along: Chapters 8-9

"I will give you a name," he said to it, "and I shall call you Sting."

The troupe sounds begins their trek through the Mirkwood, without the security blanket known as Gandalf. It starts off well, with them following Beorn's instructions, but after the Bombur incident, things go to pot. Discomfort and a lack of food leads to straying from the path, and the troop gets captured by Ron Weasley's worse nightmare, the giant spiders. Bilbo's quick thinking leads to an opportune rescue, only for the dwarves to be captured by the Wood Elves.

I think the scene with the spiders is the highlight of Bilbo's character so far. Its the one moment so far when he really reacts first thing, instead of first feeling sorry for himself.

The scenes with the woodelves seems to set up the dysfunctional relationship between dwarves and elves we see when the fellowship firsts meets up in Lord of the Rings. Who knows, maybe this scene is part of why they reacted they way they did. I must say, these sections were another part that I didn't really remember from before, so it was almost like a first read again.


Vonnie Rivera said...

Hahaha!!! I love the reference to Ron Weasley! It's funny because as I was reading the spiders chapter, I immediately thought of the scene where Harry and Ron are trapped by spiders.

Anywho, these two chapters were enjoyable and there were one of my favorites when I first read them back in the days. Bilbo starts to show bravery and action more than cowardice. Also, I liked how he came up with the plan with the barrels to help the dwarves escape as well as how he defeated the spiders. I swear I heard epic music playing when Bilbo named his sword "Sting."

One question though, I'm not sure if it's explained in the book and I just missed it, why did Bilbo leave the dwarves in the barrels? Poor things! I can't imagine being stuck in there for half a day with little room to move. Couldn't he let them out in the middle of the night? Instead, he went in search for food for himself. Oh Bilbo...

Sarah Williams said...

He doesn't really say. Maybe because of the lookouts who did a rough tying up of the barrels? It does come off like Bilbo's let his bottomless stomach dictate his actions.