Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Hobbit Read-along, Chapters 6-7

And in the dim shadows of that place I don't think you will shoot anything, wholesome or unwholesome, without straying from the path. That you MUST NOT do, for any reason.

Sorry for the delay. My dog broke her leg Thursday and spent the weekend shuttling back and forth to the vet, googling broken limbs and bone cancer (she probably has that too), and waiting for reinforcements (she thinks she can act like she did before hand now).

So Bilbo has made it out of the mountains and reunited with Gandalf and the dwarves. After hiding in the trees to get away from the goblins and wargs. The eagles come to investigate the disturbance in the trees, and end up flying them to safety. The troop finds shelter with Beorn, who loans them ponies to get them to the edge of the Mirkwood.

What did you all think about these chapters? These two didn't bring up much by way of connections or anything. They introduce a few characters and species that we see in Lord of the Rings. I thought Beorn was interesting, and wouldn't mind reading more on him, but Wikipedia tells me he doesn't show up elsewhere in Middle Earth lore. He kind of reminds me of Tom Bombadil, serving as a bit of a guide and a way station for the group.

Next week, chapters 8 and 9.


Jennifer Waggoner Hartling said...

I'm not part of this read-a-long but I had to tell you how sorry I am about your pooch :( I hope everything turns out ok!!

And yay for The Hobbit ;) Love that book!

Vonnie Rivera said...

Oh no! So sorry for your doggy and I really hope she doesn't have cancer.

Well, these two chapters had my head scratching. I don't remember reading these at all before. But I did enjoy reading them because I felt like I was reading the book for the first time.

I really enjoyed Gandalf's cleverness. I liked how he was able to sneak the dwarves up to Beorn and how he kept Beorn interested in their adventure.

Beorn was an interesting character. I like how the term "skin-changer" was used to describe him instead of "shape-shifter". It's a little disappointing to find out that he does not come out the rest of the book.

I am looking forward for the next chapter since it's about the spiders...

Sarah Williams said...

Bone cancer is common in the big breeds, that's how we lost our first Weim.

I think I vaguely remember Beorn from when I read it before, but I don't really remember these chapters either. The spiders should be interesting.

guest said...

What are 6 new species in chapter 6?