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Deborah Harkness and I, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2012

My name is Sarah, but I usually run around the internet as sawcat. I've been surrounding myself with books since I was 2-3, when I would pile a stack nearly as tall as I was next to my favorite "reading" location, and flip through them. I go everywhere with a book or my Nook in my bag.

I'm born and raised Southern Californian. I work as an archaeologist, so my schedule can vary widely at any time, but I usually find a little time for reading, even on the busy days. My other hobbies include watching movies and tv shows (I love a good British scifi series), listening to music, playing video games, or artsy activities. I haven't quite succeeded in turning my nephews into readers yet, but there is still hope yet.

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I post my reviews to Barnes & Noble as s-cat and Amazon as cat6_11

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