Friday, June 29, 2012

Audiobook Week: Listen Up!

Last day of Audiobook Week, hosted by Devourer of Books. The final discussion topic is:
Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Find reviews? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

Right now, I get audiobooks from two locations:
  • The library- great source, and great price (FREE!!). Mostly, I get them from the Overdrive system three of my library memberships offer. Not sure if libraries you use (or can use), go HERE, click on the library search tab and enter your city or zip code.
  • I only recently signed up, and its a great value for money. You can get one credit a month for $15, which is almost 25% of buying your favorite book on cd, at the list price. Plus you don't have to import multiple cds into Itunes or your favorite music software. Only downside is they are currently owned by, so if you try to avoid Amazon, that could be an issue for you.
My first audiobook purchases I got were The Harry Potter series on CD and the Chronicles of Narnia series on CD (highly recommend both, by the way), I purchased mostly via the warehouse stores (Costco and Sam's Club), but also from Barnes and Nobles and Borders. Audiobooks on cd are still pretty high priced, but if you want hardcopies of them, try joining a warehouse store, or look out for coupons from your favorite bookstore. If you did join a warehouse store, you will likely still saving money buying one or two audiobooks, even after factoring in the membership cost (ex. Narnia set- list $75.00, WS price~ $40.00, Sam's membership- $40). Just, sayin'.

As for finding books at the library, mostly I consider books I'm already checking to see if they carry yet. But also ones which covers and titles get my attention, and then which blurbs then sound interesting. Those don't cost anything, so I'm not as picky for what I try as when I look at Audible. But that's how I found Finnikin of the Rock.

For reviews on audiobooks, I have trouble remembering which blogs do audiobook reviews. Usually, I refer to the two I do manage to remember, who review audiobooks regularly: Devourer of Books and Book Journey. Otherwise its been luck of the draw if I remember where I saw a particular audiobook review. Hopefully by the time my next credit rolls around, I can remember all the new audiobook junkies I've found this week.


Vonnie said...

Yes! The library is a great source for audio books! That's where I get mine ;)

DevourerofBooks said...

Well, you can always come and refer back to everyone's posts from this week!

Sarah Williams said...

Yup. I figure I can always buy it for my collection afterwards, if I love it. Or burn it if the license allows it

Sarah Williams said...

I will probably have to do that until the association kicks in.

Kristin T. said...

I just started using Overdrive and am still getting the hang of it. I usually get cd audios from the library and have been fortunate that I've found some really good ones.

I, too, always forget who does audio review's, but luckily so many of the blogs do that I usually end up coming across them at some point!