Friday, April 22, 2011

Travel Reads

Traveling- a great time to get some reading done. But how do you pick what book(s) to take with you?

My last trip, I took The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon with me, since I was going to be gone 2 weeks, and a 1400-ish page book would work well for it. I actually think I started the Outlander series the trip before that.

But this time I have my Nook for those times that its allowed on the plane, and in the airport. But I need to pick out something for the other times when electronic devices are not allowed. Despite the copious amounts of books I have, I've not a clue which to take. Though I think I might pack one of my tiny Shakespeare volumes as a backup, since that set is tiny (each volume is a little larger than deck of cards and has 4-5 plays in it).

I'm leaning towards not a chunkster, since I pack light (ie carry on or bust), but will have to make a short stack and see.

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Hina said...

I'm with you on carry-ons...I don't like paying the baggage fees...but it happens ;)