Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Things about Books and You

Stealing this from Wendy @ Wall-to-wall Books, who got it from Weekly Geeks.

The idea is simple. Tell us ten things about you with regard to books and reading. Let your imagination run wild!

For instance: New or old? Hard back or soft? One or lots at a time? Bookmarks or not? What genres? What authors? Favorites? Habits? Stuff you like. Stuff that bugs you.

I think you get the idea. You don't necessarily need to use my thoughts above of course. Those are just to get you started. And when you are done, we should be able to get a nice big picture of your reading/bookish personality.

Have fun with this! Be creative! Then be sure to visit around to other participants to see how you compare to everyone else's bookish personalities.

1. I have a compulsion that all my books within a series shall match. Doesn't matter if its hardcover or softcover, but the series must be uniform. There have been a couple times, where I've acquired part of a series (2 of 3 of LOTR at the library sale, and 5 of seven of Narnia as a gift, but second year on my list) and have not been able to get the missing books for, so I have turned to Ebay to find the missing matching of the set. Yes, I am like that.

Occasionally, if I love a series that is in paperback, I will upgrade it to hardcover (for durability's sake) if I can acquire them cheaply (many thanks to Barnes and Noble's clearance section).

2. I rarely find a used book sale I didn't like. Whether its a used book store, or a library sale, the majority of the time I come home with a new book. But when there's a never been read hardcover of Michael Crichton's Next for 25 cents, how am I to resist?

3. I belong to three public library systems. One each for the city and county I live in, and another in a city nearby where I do a lot of work and shopping in. The latter is just to take advantage of their Overdrive system. Great thing about California libraries (atleast those in So Cal), is you just have to be resident of the state to get a card, not the city or county the particular system is in. Which means I will likely join a couple more for their Overdrive systems.

4. If I see a movie that I like is based on a book, that book will make its way to my tbr list. Given my love of period dramas, my tbr list is very large.

5. I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to bookmarks. If someone offers a free one, I'll take one. I've got a large collection of them, most of which live in a collectors mug for easy finding. My mom has aided the collection by getting me unusual ones when my parents are off on their travels. Some of those are are metal one, a wood one, and a string one with pretty glass beads.

6. Reading hardcovers leads me to the internal battle of removing the dust jacket while I read and getting finger prints on the boards, or leaving the dust jacket on and risk damaging it.

7. I take a book or sometimes a magazine with me where ever I go, to the movies, work, doctor's office, out to dinner with family, visiting family...

8. I get a secret joy of freaking out non-readers or the casual readers with the monstrous tomes I read.

9. I am an ereader convert. I hated the idea at first, and its still not the same as reading a book. But its an easy way to carry around a bunch of books, and don't have to hold it open, so it works really well if you are trying to read while eating. But I'm not going to give up real books. Ebooks are still awfully expensive given I don't get a tangible item to hold for something $2-3 cheaper than I can get a real book.

10. I typically read the following genres: history; historical fiction; science-fiction/fantasy, including young adult sci-fi/fantasy; and classics. I read a tiny bit of mystery, which usually are Kathy Reichs books, but my neighbor has tried to get me started on some that she reads for her book club. I'm not really into Chick-lit, romance (Outlander and Phillipa Gregory are the closest I go towards that), anything with a religion qualifier, (classic mythology is ok. I'm just not a religion type of person), biographies, or current events. I don't even really want to read much on WWII since it just feels too recent.


restlessreader said...

Which ereader device did you decide to purchase?

Sarah said...

I got a Nook Color, since I really liked the idea of getting magazines on it, so wouldn't have to deal with the paper copies. Plus since I can get online with it I can save packing weight by not taking my laptop on trips, but still get my email.

Wall-to-wall books said...

UGH! Well I have already broken your #1 so many times! What happens is that I get a book used, end up loving it so much that I go buy the rest of the series brand new and they never all match.