Sunday, September 16, 2012

BRB Zombie Hoarde at the door

Work has been busy lately and I still haven't been reading very much a night. Also this little thing called Sims 3 Supernatural happened, and the zombies have been trying to to get in my garden. But there should be reviews soon, and a signup post for the Hobbit Readalong. And in a couple weeks, it's Banned Books Week. So keep a look out!


Vonnie Rivera said...

OMG I just saw this post and I want this game! Sims is dangerous. I borrowed a friend's copy a couple of years back and I was hooked. It hurt to give it back to my friend.

Sarah Williams said...

It is. My brother started at the beginning with Sims 1, and when I got my laptop before going to grad school, he put it on there, and I've been hooked since. We ended up having one of us down a pack, until he didn't play anymore. I used to make some things for it, but its trickier now, and recoloring is easy in game, so I don't bother.