Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Blog Questionaire

Snagged from Wendy of Wall to Wall Books

1. How often do you post and how often do you visit other blogs?
I aim for posting atleast once a week, but clearly that doesn't happen. Every day when I get on the computer one of the first things I check is Google Reader. I use that to keep up with the blogs.

2. Do you always comment, or do you only comment when there is a contest?
I comment when I have a comment to make, or to enter a contest. If the only kind of comment I have is somthing like "I completely agree" or "This sounds good", and that's the entirety of the comment, I'm not posting it

3. When you "follow" a blog, do you always go back and visit or are there some that you only followed for a contest?
As previously mentioned, I check Google Reader daily. It automatically adds the google friend connect people, and then I manually add the ones who don't.

4. How often do you enter book giveaways?
I enter when the book is of interest to me. And if I've happened to win one at a particular blog, I won't enter there for a little while, just so others have a chance.

5. How long have you been blogging?
I started my Livejournal back in 2004 I think it was. Activity varied at times, but never wrote about books until I converted this (had started this back in 2004 because of the Browncoats forum, then converted it to a backup when LJ going whacky)

6. Do you have book giveaways, how often, and why do you do it?
No I haven't yet. Maybe if I get an arc I want to share, or hit a landmark follower number

7. What other booky sites do you belong to?
I use Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing. I have a BookJetty but I kind of gave it up. Also tried weRead via facebook, but I stopped that once I started Goodreads.

8. How often do you use "Bookish Memes"?
Occasionally. Some I've seen done are a bit redundant. Mostly I just do the Mailbox Monday.

9. What do you like or dislike about some blogs?
Dislike is the huge amount of crap (note: I tend to use crap as meaning stuff, not necessarily the percieve quality of something) some stick in their sidebars. Each image takes up server space and bandwidth every time the page is loaded. So if visiting a blog with 2 sidebars and 50 images in each on my laptop or Nook Color, they take ~*FOREVER*~ to load. And not even getting into those who are still truckin along with dialup internet.

10. Have you gotten close to any bloggers, just through blogging?
A little bit, for some of the LJ ones. Some of those met on a Harry Potter forum, and they were the ones who got me to sign up for LJ in the first place.


Hina said...

God, LJ...there's no one there anymore it seems like...but I still post there, and here...

Sarah said...

Yes, its been that way for a while. And the last few months when I remember to check LJ, it seems like it either won't load or takes ages to load.