Monday, November 5, 2012

The Hobbit Read-along Chapters 10-12

The land about them grew bleak and barren, though once, as Thorin told them, it had been green and fair. There was little grass, and before long there was neither bush nor tree, and only broken and blackened stumps to speak of ones long vanished. They were come to the Desolation of the Dragon, and they were come at the waning of the year.
Well the troupe has made it to Laketown, and the dwarves are out of the barrels. They are given supplies by the Mayor, who is eager to see the backs of them, and they head into the Desolation of Smaug. Once they find the moon door, its time for Bilbo to earn his keep, and see if the treasure still remains with the dragons. Bilbo just didn't count on Smaug having a sense of smell like a turkey, being able to smell the hobbit and missing gold.

I really liked the chapter with the dragon. Its one I remembered from when I read it before. Between his moon door riddle solving, and his conversation with Smaug, it was a strong part of the story. I may or may not have been imagining how the conversation between Smaug and Bilbo scene may end up very Sherlock-y, especially since it is the same actors playing the characters. The image has gotten rather stuck in my head.

The hunt for the moon door was another of those scenes that are reminiscent of what Tolkien does later in LOTR.

Next week its Chapters 13-15, then one more week after that!


Vonnie Rivera said...

I loved these chapters too!

I love how clever Bilbo was when speaking to Smaug. I love the words he picked to introduced himself without giving out his name. I laughed how his choice of words described the truth of himself yet made himself sound very grand. I should introduce myself the same manner to men who keep asking for my name and number, lol: "I come from the land where the eagel eats a serpent upon a cactus and has traveled at a young age across deserts and hills and rivers to arrive of the land of chaos where time runs away. I am the keeper of knowledge who shares it with the young minds of our future. I move and shimmy to the beat of the drum and the sound of the zills as my heart soars in song. The printed word is an obsession that dwells within me..." Will they still want my number?

Vonnie Rivera said...

Btw, I found it quite interesting how the dwarves have come to depend on Bilbo, especially Thorin who is suppose to be the leader.

Also, it's astounding how much time has passed during their grand adventure. Bilbo has really shown some growth during this time.