Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunday Salon

Going to try doing the Sunday Salon posts if I'm not doing big Monday memes, so this is a first for me.

This last week I have been dog sitting for a neighbor this past week, so I've been spending my evenings up there. And not having ready access to wireless internet has given me extra time for reading. Finished three books and one review last week. There should be another review coming in the next few days.

I'm not one for Black Friday shopping in stores, but I needing to pick up a gift from a glass maker who sells at one of the main farmers markets, but this weekend they were at the Hillside Farms Craft Boutique (it goes runs next weekend too, if anyone reading finds themselves in the Inland Empire). It was a precursor to Small Business Saturday, you might say. Yesterday, my parents and I took my nephews up to Oak Glen, the big Apple growing area near here. Not much on books in the one farms shop, but got to walk around and have some good cider.

The rest of the year, I am going to be focused on trying to get through as many of my for review titles as I can. Some of the ones from Library Thing come in faster than I can read them, before even accounting for when the library holds decided to flood in. So I am getting those in as soon as I can, and I think I will alternate between genres, so I don't get overly tired with one. Wish me luck

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